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Welcome to Vermont

WELCOME TO VERMONT !     At Vermont Photographics we sell Vermont wall calendars in two different themes - Picturesque Vermont, with scenic photos around the state - and Covered Bridges of Vermont featuring a rotation of the many covered bridges in the state of Vermont.  Our photo book is called Best of Vermont, and is a coffee table type book that provides a photo tour of Vermont, depicting typical scenes and landscapes throughout the state.

 Vermont Photographics began in 1970 and we have been owner/operators since 2004.  We are a husband and wife team, native Vermonters and located in Essex, Vermont. We love to take photos throughout Vermont and it's 251 towns and are delighted  to bring you snapshots of our beautiful Green Mountain State through our photography. Each year we try hard to gather a variety of scenic and covered bridge photos that represent our state through its seasonal changes and many simple, rural and naturally beautiful scenes.  We never tire of touring our state of Vermont, enjoying the nature it has to offer and trying to capture a bit of its beauty for keeps.  Easier said than done, every bend in the road presents another photo opportunity- a field of cows, an old barn, a river winding through a meadow of elms or the elaborate color of an autumn display.  The options and changes are endless and keep us pursuing the next shot and we love it!  Seems the only right thing to do is to try to share Scenic Vermont with others and that's our goal!  And calendars are the perfect venue for just that purpose.  Every year is an attempt to locate 12 of the most descriptive scenes that define Vermont for us and present them to you on our calendar pages.  

As we accumulate more and more of the Vermont scenery in photos, it has become obvious to us that our work has just begun.  There is no doubt a second edition of our book Best of Vermont will soon be in the offing.  2nd Best of Vermont perhaps, pun intended.  But for now, please enjoy our calendars, look for our next publication and welcome to Vermont!


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